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    Gift the Grad in Your Life These Bluetooth Headphones40% off Right Now

    30 Cheap But Meaningful Graduation Gift IdeasProduct Shot Image “Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on some items through these links.” Graduation season is upon us, and so too is the question: What should I buy the grad? If youre attending several graduations this year or simply shopping with a smaller budget, weve put together 30 cheap graduation gifts consisting of affordable and unique gift ideas. Whether they are graduating high school and going off to college or graduating college and starting their career, we have interesting gifts that are relevant to both milestones. There are practical gifts, like coffee, luggage, and a laundry care guide, that…

  • Cincinnati man credits smartwatch and app for saving his life

    Cincinnati man credits smartwatch and app for saving his life

    A Cincinnati man says he’s grateful to be alive because of the life-saving assistive technology he uses every day. On February 6, William Fryer was walking around Lunken Airport to exercise after not feeling well for a few days. During the walk, the 83-year-old began to feel unsteady. “I noticed my legs turning into rubber,” Fryer said. “I approached where I would have gone behind some trees. And I decided, no, if I have to come down, I’m going to do it here where everyone can see me.” Fryer passed out. In doing so, his Apple Watch notified 9-1-1 and his listed family members to be automatically notified in the…

  • We test and review the new Suunto Vertical with monster battery life

    We test and review the new Suunto Vertical with monster battery life

    “data-alt-videos=”[“title”:”Video: Gustav Iden: “I Was Running Scared All The Way to the Finish Line””,”link”:”https:\/\/www.triathlete.com\/video\/video-gustav-iden-i-was-running-scared-all-the-way-to-the-finish-line\/”,”image”:”https:\/\/cdn.triathlete.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/10\/IdenStill.jpg”,”description”:”Gustav Iden may have made his record-setting performance look easy, but it was anything but. The new Ironman World Champion shares insights on the pivotal moments of the race and whether he’ll try to pull off the Ironman\/70.3 double at St. George this fall.”,”tags”:[“term_id”:114186,”name”:”Kona 2022″,”slug”:”kona-2022″,”term_group”:0,”term_taxonomy_id”:43262,”taxonomy”:”post_tag”,”description”:””,”parent”:0,”count”:108,”filter”:”raw”,”term_order”:”0″],”id”:468239,”is_sponsored_item”:false,”jw_id”:”IXFKi55x”,”title”:”Video: Anne Haug lands another world championship podium”,”link”:”https:\ /\/ www.triathlete.com\/video\/video-anne-haug-nabs-another-world-championship-podium\/”,”image”:”https:\/\/cdn.triathlete.com\/ wp-content \/uploads\/2022\/10\/haugfearured.jpg”,”description”:”\”I gave it my all.\””,”tags”:[“term_id”:114186,”name”:”Kona 2022″,”slug”:”kona-2022″,”term_group”:0,”term_taxonomy_id”:43262,”taxonomy”:”post_tag”,”description”:””,”parent”:0,”count”:108,”filter”:”raw”,”term_order”:”0″],”id”:468037,”is_sponsored_item”:false,”jw_id”:”EM5DdVQ2″,”title”:”Video: Lucy Charles-Barclay talks Racer Girl comebacks and (another) second place finish” ,”link”: “https:\/\/www.triathlete.com\/video\/video-lucy-charles-barclay-talks-racer-girl-comebacks-and-another-second-place\/”,” image”:”https:\/\/cdn.triathlete.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/10\/LCBFeatured.jpg”,”description”:”\”This second place signifies the best of all. \””,”Key words”:[“term_id”:114186,”name”:”Kona 2022″,”slug”:”kona-2022″,”term_group”:0,”term_taxonomy_id”:43262,”taxonomy”:”post_tag”,”description”:””,”parent”:0,”count”:108,”filter”:”raw”,”term_order”:”0″],”id”:468032,”is_sponsored_item”:false,”jw_id”:”8D6b7Enm”,”title”:”Video: Chelsea Sodaro on PTO and why she walks at aid stations”,”link” :”https:\/\/www.triathlete.com\/video\/video-chelsea-sodaro-on-the-pto-and-why-she-walks-at-aid-stations\/”,”image”…

  • The best Garmin watches for training and everyday life
    Fitness Trackers

    The best Garmin watches for training and everyday life

    Few brands are as synonymous with outdoor sports as Garmin. Youll find these fitness trackers and smartwatches on dozens of wrists at any 5K, marathon, or Ironman. Youll also find Garmin devotees among divers, thru-hikers, golfers, kiteboarders you name it. But these devices arent just for athletes. The companys made significant strides in its lifestyle offerings, so regardless of your fitness level, theres a Garmin for everyone. If youre coming from a more traditional smartwatch, Garmins core strengths lie in fitness, GPS, adventuring, and durability. These are hardy devices that are meant to withstand the elements and last weeks on a single charge. Several models come with offline maps, advanced…