• ific hipdac 2 editors choice

    iFi Hip-DAC2 review: perfect and powerful pocket amplifier

    iFi follows up on its popular hip flask-shaped DAC/headphone amplifier with a new iteration, the Hip-DAC2. Capable of powering even the most demanding wired headphones, the Hip-DAC2 is the perfect portable partner for any audiophile looking to take their Hi-Res audio with them. At just $189, you’re unlikely to find a better portable DAC/amp on the market right now. Features Brand: if I Formats supported: DSD, PCM, DXD, MQA Connector: 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone connectors Lester: 125g Battery: 2200mAh Maximum impedance: 32 ohms up to 600 ohms Bluetooth: No Dimensions: 102×70×14mm DAC chip: Burl Brown Benefits Very small and light Can drive a wide range of headphones Natural timbre and…