10 Best Fasting Tracker Apps In 2023
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10 Best Fasting Tracker Apps In 2023

As scientific research unravels and supports the countless health-related benefits of intermittent fasting, it has become increasingly popular along with fasting tracker apps. Even celebrities like Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston and the tech giant Elon Musk have hopped onto the intermittent fasting bandwagon. In a podcast with Joe Rogan, Elon Musk told his audience that he has been trying intermittent fasting and has successfully lost 20 pounds making him feel much healthier.

However, adhering to a time-restricted eating lifestyle is not a piece of cake. This is where the fasting tracker apps come in! Intermittent fasting tracker apps is an easy and convenient way of monitoring one’s eating schedule allowing you to set more realistic health-related goals.

Our expert team have tested 50 fasting apps that are available on Google Play and Apple App Store. Below are the ten best and the most popular ones we picked based on user-friendliness, accessibility, effectiveness and innovation.

1. Litely -The most innovative

1.1 A brief introduction to Litely:

Litely is an innovative, accessible fasting tracker app that conquered the health and fitness trackers market in 2023. Thinking of hitting your dream weight but do not have the motivation to stick to the daily mechanics of intermittent fasting? With its personal fasting program, Litely is just the right app for you! The 24/7 AI coach feature, where you can get science-based tips and daily motivation is what really distinguishes this app from others of its kind. If you are someone who is motivated by external factors, we recommend you give Litely a shot.

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