Earning Made Easy: The 5 Best Move-to-Earn Apps to Try in 2023
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Earning Made Easy: The 5 Best Move-to-Earn Apps to Try in 2023

Since the breakthrough success of Axie Infinity (AXS) and the widespread adoption of play-to-earn (P2E) crypto games in 2021, the move-to-earn (M2E) crypto landscape has expanded to include a range of projects and applications. Initially captivating gamers with the ability to earn free Bitcoins or convert native tokens to BTC, the earning trend has now extended its reach to fitness enthusiasts looking for investment opportunities.

In this comprehensive guide, we dive into the realm of the 5 best mobile apps to win in 2023, highlighting the key players to watch in the current year. With enhanced tokenomics, these apps have significant potential for success. So grab your workout gear and get ready to dive into the exciting world of the best mobile apps to win.

1. Galvanized

Galvan, which stands out as one of the top 5 mobile apps to earn in 2023, is a leading platform that combines blockchain technology with digital health and wellness, aiming to revolutionize the healthcare industry. health. By tokenizing healthcare and introducing $IZE tokens, Galvan incentivizes users to maintain their health. The platform operates through user-operated nodes, creating a decentralized ecosystem on a global scale.

Through the integration of blockchain technology, Galvan seeks to decentralize the healthcare system and provide cost-effective solutions worldwide. Established through partnerships between blockchain leaders and prominent figures in the healthcare industry, Galvan harnesses the power of smart contracts to validate and reward users for their healthcare-related choices. Using a proof-of-action algorithm, Galvan rewards users with $IZE tokens when they engage in various healthy activities.

Whether it’s a 5-minute walk, refilling a prescription, or ensuring a good night’s sleep, users earn rewards for their proactive actions. Additionally, passive rewards can be earned by running software nodes within the Galvan ecosystem. To further enhance the user experience, Galvan offers remote medical services known as telehealth. With doctors available 24/7, users can access medical assistance anytime, day or night, even in an emergency.

2. Sweatcoin (SWEAT)

Sweatcoin has become one of the top 5 apps to earn money in 2023, occupying the second position in terms of market capitalization (about $38.66 million) in April 2023. The SWEAT token has shown a bullish trend in the start of the year, with a notable gain of 36.7% in the first two months. You can earn Sweatcoin (SWEAT) for every 1,000 steps taken by simply tracking your steps.

These earned tokens can be redeemed on the platform’s marketplace for various rewards, including high-tech shoes, iPhones, anti-gravity yoga classes, and more. However, it is important to note that the value of the reward may decrease over time to maintain the value of the token. Overall, Sweatcoin is a legit platform that provides the opportunity to get free or discounted products by monitoring your physical activity.

It is suitable for people who walk or run regularly or those looking for motivation to stay active. Still, it’s crucial to recognize the platform’s current limitations regarding the products and locations available for redemption and the fact that earning rewards may require consistent effort. Being aware of these aspects will help manage expectations and prevent potential disappointments.

3. Step App (FITFI)

Step App ranks third in our list of the top 5 mobile apps to win in 2023. Its association with Olympic champion Usain Bolt as an ambassador underscores its popularity and the public’s trust in the app. The development team behind Step App has extensive expertise in blockchain and Web3 technologies.

The platform’s governance token is FITFI, while the ecosystem token is KCAL, which can be earned by completing fitness challenges or reaching personal milestones. KCAL tokens can then be used to craft new sneakers (SNEAKs), which are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) tied to the concept of move-to-win. FITFI tokens were distributed equally among all users during the token generation event to maximize decentralization.

FITFI serves as a means for users to engage in community decisions, allowing all FITFI holders to participate in voting processes for any changes to the ecosystem. Additionally, FITFI can be used to acquire reminder items in the app. In addition to earning FITFI by signing up for the program, users also have the option of purchasing it through various top cryptocurrency exchanges.

4. Ezy (EZY)

Ezzy has become one of the top 5 moving apps to earn in 2023. You can earn tokens by quickly setting up your account and using inbuilt sneakers. The Ezzy App accommodates various workout routines, whether indoors or outdoors, allowing you to accumulate EZY Tokens. Moreover, the application offers game options that allow you to generate income without physical displacement in the real world.

To be eligible for the rewards, there are specific minimum requirements, such as engaging in physical activity for at least 10 minutes per day at a speed ranging from 2 to 20 km/hour. A notable advantage of Ezzy is its simplicity. It avoids complicated and unnecessary GameFi mechanics, eliminating levels, repairs and other settings.

The move-to-earn app offers trial sneakers of different rarity types that are available to all users during practice sessions, which only last 10 minutes. All sneakers have a limited “lifespan” and do not exert cumulative pressure on tokenomics. Users can own multiple trainers, which will automatically change at the end of each workout.

5. Fight (FGHT)

Ranked fifth in our list of the 5 best move-to-win apps in 2023, Fight Out is an innovative Web3 move-to-win app that successfully concluded its presale in early 2023, raising an impressive $6.2 million. . The app’s popularity is further amplified by its association with top MMA fighters and fitness influencers who serve as ambassadors. The project’s native token is $FGHT, which can be purchased directly from their website or earned in-game.

Your in-game avatar is connected to your actual physical activities, adding a unique dimension to gameplay. The in-app currency called REPS can be earned through actual in-app training efforts. These REPS can then be used to make in-game purchases, allowing you to upgrade and upgrade your avatar. Strengthening your avatar results in increased in-game wins, unlocking more rewards and opportunities.

By choosing Fight Out, users gain access to an affordable fitness app and a network of fun gym channels, seamlessly combining fitness and gaming. The Fight Out ecosystem generously rewards users for completing workouts, completing challenges, earning badges, and actively participating in the community. This creates a thriving environment that encourages progress, engagement, and overall user base growth.

What are the benefits of Move-to-Earn apps?

Fitness trackers have earned a reputation for being addictive due to their ability to provide motivation through step counts, calorie tracking, virtual leaderboards, and personal milestones. However, these 5 best mobile apps to earn in 2023 offer a distinct advantage by offering a financial incentive to stay active. As a result, these M2E apps can potentially replace or integrate with traditional fitness trackers.

This opens up opportunities for major players in the health and fitness industry, such as Nike and Adidas, to gamify fitness, integrate their apps with cryptocurrency tokens, and improve their overall value. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) experts also have the opportunity to showcase their expertise and differentiate their projects in this evolving landscape. One of the strengths of these 5 best mobile apps to earn in 2023 is their accessibility, as they usually have a low learning curve.

This inclusiveness attracts a large audience, which leads to an increased demand for tokens and, therefore, an increase in their value. These M2E apps seamlessly blend the physical and digital domains, providing a unique and innovative way to promote healthier lifestyles and physical activity. This approach specifically resonates with the health-conscious while offering financial rewards, fostering a sense of community, and providing additional health-related benefits.

Final Thoughts

Move-to-Earn apps have emerged as a promising area in the cryptocurrency landscape, attracting considerable attention. While some M2E crypto applications and their native tokens underperformed in 2022, this was part of a larger trend affecting altcoins across various sectors, including DeFi, during the crypto winter and bear market correction. .

However, with crypto markets showing signs of recovery in 2023, these 5 best mobile apps to earn in 2023 have the potential to become attractive investments. Of the notable M2E apps, our top pick is Galvan. It is the first platform in the world to reward both physical and mental fitness, taking the concept of moving to win to a whole new level. Galvan provides users with extra motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle by earning $IZE blockchain rewards through activities such as exercise and mental wellness tracking.

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