The Immersive Collaboration Market Map for 2023 - XR Today
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The Immersive Collaboration Market Map for 2023 – XR Today

Only a few years ago, when extended reality solutions first started emerging in the market, many viewed them as a novel and consumer-focused.

Companies quickly rolled out solutions for the entertainment and gaming landscapes, based on new, immersive technology, introducing us to a new age of digital media. However, as XR solutions have evolved, the use cases for these innovations have transformed too.

Increasingly, were learning how the right tools can not only bring consumers together, but align workforces, improve productivity, and enhance creativity too. Today, XR is helping to address some of the core problems faced by distributed remote and hybrid workforces, unlocking a new era for corporate collaboration. Today, were looking at just some of the vendors in the XR market introducing new solutions for immersive teamwork.

  • Glue
  • Igloo
  • Meta
  • Arthur
  • Virtalis
  • 3DExperience
  • Virbela
  • MakeReal
  • Rendever
  • MeetinVR
  • Hubs
  • The Wild
  • Party.Space
  • Breakroom
  • Cluster
  • Microsoft
  • InsiteVR
  • MootUp
  • Spatial
  • Hoppin
  • GatherInVR
  • Remio

Virtual collaboration platform, Glue, combines tools for digital teamwork with customizable ecosystem where staff members can connect, share knowledge, and thrive. Built on a secure framework, the Glue platform provides businesses with numerous virtual spaces to choose from for all kinds of meetings and ad-hoc conferencing sessions.

Every employee in a conversation can create their own avatar, and interact in a space that offers a deeper sense of presence than the standard collaborative workplace. Glue even makes it easy to interact with free-hand drawings, post-it notes, whiteboards, and more. When a meeting is over, users can retain the materials and data from the interaction for as long as they like.

Latest Glue News

Otherwise known as Igloo Vision, Igloo aims to make meetings more productive, with immersive spaces. The solution transforms meeting rooms into environments where users can be surrounded by multiple screens, streams of information and more. Live project documents can be displayed around the room, and updated in real time. Plus, wrap-around content and room-scale visualizations helps everyone to step into the meeting experience.

With web-based tools and an inspiring environment for interaction, Igloo helps businesses to connect their remote and hybrid workers with in-office staff, in an easy-to-use landscape. Plus, users can mix and match all kinds of content, from CAD software to 3D design packages.

Latest Igloo News

One of the core companies exploring the evolution of the metaverse and meta-work, Meta offers various tools to assist companies in the development of immersive team environments. Not only does Meta have its own enterprise-focused VR headsets on offer, but it also allows organizations to connect through Meta workplaces on Horizon Worlds.

Companies can develop their own landscapes for collaborative meetings, and give each team member unique avatar with its own face and outfit. The solution also comes with privacy controls to help businesses maintain their compliance standards in the evolving digital landscape. Plus, through Workplace, users can share information in a range of different formats.

Latest Meta News

Focusing on enterprise collaboration experiences in virtual reality, Arthur enables organizations to build environments where teams can get together, share work, and connect with custom avatars. The platforms app can be downloaded onto any VR headset or laptop, and allows users to upload their own imagery to create more true-to-life avatars.

There are more than 30 sample rooms to choose from, and users can design and customize their spaces according to their own needs. Arthur rooms support more than 70 active participants, and come with built-in features for presentations, pinboards, whiteboards, flow charts, and audio zones. There are even integrations available for the tools teams already use.

Latest Arthur News

Intended to help companies collaborate on more complex projects, the Virtalis ecosystem supports everything from training and educational sessions to layout planning, operations, and business maintenance. Companies can use the software to build digital twins of their existing environments, with contextual information throughout.

Virtalis is also constantly updating its platform with immersive design components built to reduce the barriers to enhanced virtual meetings. Alongside software, Virtalis also designs systems and hardware for immersive collaboration, such as the ActiveCube, ActiveWall, and ActiveMove technologies. Solutions like the Virtalis Reach platform dont require any specialist hardware to use, and can leverage pre-existing digital assets.

Latest Virtalis News

Created by Dassault Systems, 3DExperience is platform for business innovation. The solution provides companies with an all-in-one solution where they can connect people, ideas, solutions, and data in a single space. The platform captures multiple sources of data in the same place, and unlocks new opportunities with data science and analysis.

Within the collaborative landscape, team members can work together on files, annotate and markup documents, and share resources with people anywhere in the world. Not only does the ecosystem support collaborative business experiences, but it also opens the door for new opportunities for customer experience and service too.

Latest 3DExperience News

Virtual world platform, Virbela is investing in the age of the metaverse with its digital platform. Considered one of the first enterprise metaverse environments, the solution gives businesses access to the tools they need to facilitate remote and hybrid work, as well as virtual events and remote learning. Companies can access customizable canvas with enterprise-grade security built-in.

Within the platform, users can unlock tools for presentation such as slides and screen-sharing capabilities, as well as spatialized voice technology for deeper immersion. The solution also includes access to unique avatar creation tools, breakout groups, and more. Plus, Virbela can scale to support tens of thousands of staff members and visitors at once.

Latest Virbela News

MakeReal is company committed to creating virtual immersive learning and collaborative experiences for businesses in any industry. The company supports both AR and VR experiences, with tools for custom avatars, digital twin environments and more. Plus, everything is secured according to the highest industry standards, to keep data protected.

With MakeReal, companies can design and implement their own virtual version of any workplace or office environment, allowing team members from all over the world to connect and share information in real-time. Complex physics mechanics within the ecosystem also allow team members to engage in training sessions with their peers, to develop muscle memory for critical tasks.

Latest MakeReal News

Focused on the health and medical world, Rendever creates virtual experiences for those in senior living facilities. However, the flexible environment can adapt to suit wide range of use cases. The platform was designed with user experience in mind, helping caregivers and professionals in the medical space to interact with people remotely, and help them improve their quality of life.

The award-winning life program features expert hosts to reduce the burden on activity staff, and business leaders can also leverage support from an engagement team, who will work hand-in-hand with each company to create the right environment for their needs. The solution specifically focuses on overcoming issues of social isolation.

Latest Rendever News

One of the better-known tools for immersive collaboration on the marketplace today, MeetInVR supports companies in designing virtual environment for team interactions. The platform includes all of the tools companies need to facilitate meetings with teams, and customers. Plus, there are also solutions for hosting events, workshops and training sessions too.

With flexible custom avatars and customizable meeting environments, MeetInVR can adapt to the needs of businesses from a host of different environments. The company even offers access to custom replica rooms, built as digital twins of environments that already exist, so organizations can build their own metaverse. Meeting rooms can host up to 32 simultaneous users, and have their own breakout spaces.

Latest MeetinVR News

Built by Mozilla, Hubs is VR platform users can adapt to their specific needs. Theres no VR headset required to get involved. Companies can build environments accessible through any device or browser, so every team member can get involved. Plus, each staff member can also create their own simplistic avatar, for a better sense of presence during a meeting.

The Hubs technology integrates with Blender, so 3D artists can create worlds from scratch. Or companies can choose to use some of the existing templates in the marketplace. Plus, the customizable social spaces come with spatial audio, media sharing capabilities, and access controls for improved security and privacy.

Latest Hubs News

Built for the building industry, The Wild is cross-platform solution for AEC workflows, which users can access across a range of desktop devices, as well as AR and VR tools. The product integrates with Revit, BIM 360 workflows and Sketchup, and also includes its own native sketching tools for rapid prototyping and idea sharing. Users can connect with up to 8 people in any space.

With integrated speech-to-text comments, users can communicate and collaborate asynchronously, or synchronously with other team members. The metadata shared within the VR environments is also accessible for all Revit files in a space. Teams can also access assistance from the team of developers at The Wild for building and development support.

Latest The Wild News

Flexible virtual environment platform, Party.Space was designed to help companies host and create metaverse events. However, the solution is also suitable for the development of training sessions, townhall meetings, and other collaborative sessions. There are range of environments to choose from, depending on the number of attendees included in each meeting.

Users can enhance their virtual spaces with videos and interactive landscapes, as well as custom avatars and emojis. The platform comes with gamification components to help engage team members wherever they are, as well as event management tools, and solutions for custom branding. Real-time chat is also available as another form of communication.

Latest Party.Space News

Created by Sinespace, Breakroom enables companies to develop digital HQ environments in the metaverse. The platform is fully customizable, with the option to embed all kinds of collaborative tools and 3D content. Whats more, companies can benefit from secured environment, certified to the highest standards, with a market-ready library of templates and assets to choose from.

Breakroom environments can be accessed from anywhere, through a browser or app. The solution includes both voice and video zones for communications, as well as highly customizable avatars, to give each user a more unique virtual presence. The built-in world management system also allows users to easily setup, customize, and adapt their worlds to suit their needs.

Latest Breakroom News

Available on the AppLab for the Meta Quest, Cluster is social platform designed to bring people together in a virtual space. Users can access a variety of different worlds at any time, from anywhere in the world. There are countless environments to discover for teams who dont want to build their own metaverse landscape from scratch.

Users can also build their own avatar, share information and data, and connect through audio with easy-to-use settings. Cluster also appeals to a wider customer base of consumers, with the option to create virtual assets and sell them within an online marketplace. The solution is accessible on AR devices and platforms such as Google Play too.

Latest Cluster News

Microsoft first made its entry into the immersive collaboration environment with AltSpaceVR, before branching out into the Mesh solution for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Mesh allows companies to create immersive experiences they can share with users anywhere, on any device, using mixed reality applications. The Teams-enabled environments work on VR headsets, as well as mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset.

The platform allows team members to see and share content in real-time, with 3D elements, create their own avatars, and engage with eye contact, facial expressions, and gestures. Users can even design components or new products together in real time using holographic images.

Latest Microsoft News

The InsiteVR application was built to enable collaboration in the construction and engineering landscape. The solution provides cross-platform meeting technologies for companies across range of industries, with support for CAD models and various forms of documents and data. Users can use the landscape to connect with colleagues around the world, using a host of VR devices.

Meeting leaders can gather users around a specific design model in 3D, and point out elements of a component with virtual laser pointers. There are also tools available for real-time annotations, comments, and notes. Users can also collaboratively review their images in the virtual reality space, then save documents from interactions to their chosen device.

Latest InsiteVR News

Created as 3D virtual events platform, MootUp supports companies in easily hosting immersive hybrid and virtual events accessible across devices and platforms. Users can either get involved with a virtual reality headset, or through their computer or smartphone. The solution includes a 3D avatar-driven environment, capable of scaling to 10,000 or more users across all devices.

Team members can decorate, brand and white label more than 50 different stages and environments, or bring their own 3D model into the mix. Plus, the technology is built for enterprise level data privacy and security, with protections included for every platform. When teams want to invite new members to the session, all it takes is a single link.

Latest MootUp News

Another well-known vendor in the immersive collaboration space, Spatial allows users to experience and create unique events and meeting experiences accessible anywhere in the world. One of the core features of Spatial is its avatar creation engine, which supports users in customizing their online presence with thousands of combinations of clothing items from well-known brands.

Users can also start building virtual worlds within Spatial with couple of clicks, using free 3D templates, Sketchfab models, and custom environments. The comprehensive Spatial Creator Toolkit powered by Unity also enables businesses to develop more unique spaces. Teams can also set up access controls to assist in privacy protection.

Latest Spatial News

Focusing on the concept of multi-user immersive teleportation, Hoppin is social VR network, built for both consumers and businesses alike. The platform comes with its own content studio management system, where users can experiment with 3D content and videos before sharing them with their teams and colleagues in a virtual world.

Hoppin works with companies directly to build unique environments too, creating specific digital twin projects and environments for different use cases. The platform supports everything from data and knowledge sharing to custom avatar creation. Companies can also implement their own security and privacy protections for compliance purposes.

Latest Hoppin News

Built to help companies and individual users share information and connect in virtual space, GatherInVR is a simple platform with numerous room environments to choose from. Business users can click into a pre-built room of their choice using virtual reality headsets, computer desktops or mobile apps, and interact with both friends and colleagues.

Created by Quepellin, the tool provides businesses with an easy way to get started with virtual meeting, with audio sharing and straightforward virtual avatars. Companies can also work with the brand to build their own customizable environment for unique business needs.

Latest GatherInVr News

Supporting both gamification and collaboration in the workplace, Remio is VR platform built to bring people together. The platform includes spatial audio features, to help boost immersion, as well as collaborative tools so users can share information and documents in real-time when working in their virtual space. There are also built-in games in the platform for team building exercises.

Within Remio, organizations can host meeting sessions with built-in screen sharing, screen recording, and presentations. Plus, the technology enhances the audio of individual users to improve interactions. Business leaders can also build their own branded virtual rooms, and share them with team members on a secure hosted platform.

Latest Remio News

English XR company, INVIDAR works with businesses one-on-one to develop digital twins and virtual spaces for unique collaborative use cases. The company specializes in asset creation, real time content optimization, environmental modeling and metahuman design. The organizations bespoke approach to immersive meeting room and collaboration environment development ensures businesses can address range of pain points with metaverse technologies.

INVADAR allows organizations to build ultra-realistic versions of products and environments in the digital space, with detailed texture and interactive elements. Plus, users can also take advantage of analytics to determine how people are interacting with their virtual spaces.

Latest INVIDAR News

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