The best Bluetooth headsets in 2023

The best Bluetooth headsets in 2023

Connect to all your colleagues, clients and friends in a busy life with these great Bluetooth headsets

Connecting with co-workers, clients, family and friends can be essential for success, whether you’re working from home or from a vehicle. While standard TWS headphones would work, a specialized Bluetooth headset allows for exceptional hands-free communication with all interested parties while you work or drive. But which one?

Bluetooth headsets are judged on their three main characteristics: comfort, microphone and battery. Based on these factors, we’ve shortlisted ten contenders for the best Bluetooth headset position. Everyone has their ups and downs, so find out which one is right for your busy life!

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    JLab Go Work Bluetooth Headset

    JLab Go Work

    Best overall

    The JLab Go Work Bluetooth headsets are a solid piece of engineering that is very useful for working from home. These over-ear headphones come with a heavy 500mAh battery that lasts over 40 hours. Plus, they can connect to multiple devices via Bluetooth 5.0 or an included Type-C to 3.5mm cable. 40mm neodymium drivers produce clear vocals and treble, and the dual-mic system effectively cancels ambient noise, letting your voice come through clearly.

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    Logitech Zone 900 Bluetooth Headset

    Logitech Zone 900

    premium choice

    Logitech has been in the business communications industry for a long time, and Zone 900 reflects that experience. Comfortable and capable, these stereo headsets are worth the full price. The Logitech Zone 900 includes an excellent ANC system which, while not as good as Sony’s WH-1000XM4, can drown out office din or engine noise. They support Qi charging and last 14 hours on each full charge.

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    Heibas G7 Bluetooth Headset

    Heibas G7

    Best value

    Need a cheap headset to support your office communications? Take the Heibas G7. These compact single-ear headphones are as affordable as they are comfortable. And since they use the updated Bluetooth 5.1 version, the connection is more stable and less energy-consuming than most other headsets. The construction is durable but not waterproof; a little sweat should suffice.

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    Jabra Evolve 75 SE Bluetooth Headset

    Jabra Evolve 75 SE

    UC Certified

    One of the best competitors in gaming, the Jabra Evolve 75 SE comes with a handy charging stand and a Bluetooth Link 380A adapter for your PC. These stereo headsets are known for their great sound – you can use them for light entertainment. But the best thing about them would be their UC (Unified Communications) certification, which ensures that they are perfect for the best communication apps like Google Meet, Teams, Zoom, and Skype.

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    Comexion BH-M100 Bluetooth Headset

    Comexion BH-M100

    $40 $50 Save $10

    More suitable for communication from a vehicle, the Comexion BH-M100 trucker headsets are simple and effective. Delivering stable, clear two-way voice signals, these headsets are ideal for truck drivers and call center workers. Built as if they were meant to be outdoors, they are comfortable to wear without causing fatigue and can work continuously for 30 hours.

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    Levn LE-HS010 Bluetooth Headset

    Levn LE-HS010 Superior

    $80 $100 Save $20

    A champion of office communication, the Levn LE-HS010 Superior looks dashing and performs brilliantly. Single-sided headsets connect via BT5.0 and provide a smooth and stable connection to your smartphone or PC. A 350mAh battery easily provides over 30 long working hours. These headsets are sturdy and well-built, perfect for call centers or quick WFH calls. Finally, the mic’s advanced ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology filters out unwanted noise in the background.

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    Logitech G435 Bluetooth Gaming Headset

    Logitech G435

    $50 $80 Save $30

    Here’s a mainstream gaming headset from Logitech. The G435 is primarily aimed at gamers. The lightweight over-ear headphones are Dolby Atmos compatible, pouring pure honey into your ears. They work with PCs, smartphones and game consoles. At the same time, the memory foam ear cushions provide ultimate comfort thanks to a weight of only 165 grams. Helmets look funky and trendy in blue, black and white. Constructed from durable materials, the G435s last 18 hours.

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    Jabra Talk 65 Bluetooth Headset

    Jabra Talk 65

    Choose these if you prefer lightweight in-ear solutions. The Talk 65s are simple yet capable, delivering crystal clear sound inside and outside the device, suitable for all communication applications and phone calls. With superb built-in noise cancellation, the mic filters out unwanted background noise while keeping your voice signal strong. Plus, the ergonomic shape of these headphones sits comfortably around your ear. They also support voice assistants and can connect to two devices simultaneously.

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    Levn HS-012 Basic Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

    Levn HS-012 Basic

    $50 $60 Save $10

    The HS-012 Basic covers all the basics of trucker helmets perfectly. These are designed for heavy use, with comfortable ear pads, flexible pickups and adjustable headbands. Canceling up to 90% of motor and wind noise, the mic sends a clear, loud voice to your phone. The battery lasts over 60 hours on a single charge with 400 hours on standby. Plus, advanced Bluetooth 5.2 provides reliable connectivity to a compatible device.

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    Konnchueng Trucker Helmet Duo

    Konnchueng Trucker Helmet Duo

    Another pair of Bluetooth headsets aimed at truckers, but stereo this time, the Konnchueng Duo looks great and is sweet on the ear. An advanced Qualcomm chip drives the Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity of these headsets, and call quality is excellent thanks to the dual CVC 8.0 mics that absorb much of the background noise. They will last you 40 hours on a single charge. Note that a mono version is also available.

Hands-free communication at its best

When browsing Bluetooth headsets, you should pay attention to three things: comfort as you will be wearing them for long periods of time every day, mic quality for good communication, and battery life for reliability. Other secondary factors such as build quality, connection strength and noise cancellation also come into play.

A pair of good Bluetooth earbuds will stay in (or on) your ears for a long time without causing fatigue or pain; they will pick up your voice clearly and successfully transmit it to your phone or computer; they will do the same in the other direction for the incoming sound; and they’ll last you through your entire working day. Finally, if you’re a truck driver or a call center employee, headsets might as well expect a rough life.

By analyzing these factors, some products are quickly coming out of our collection. The JLab Go Work is a versatile device for its build quality and performance. For a premium and comfortable experience, invest in the Logitech Zone 900. If you’re strapped for cash, get the Heibas G7 for no-frills performance. The Levn LE-HS010 is also a great helmet for truckers, although a bit pricey.

However, these are specialized devices. If you want a more casual and versatile portable audio solution, you better opt for TWS call headphones or Bluetooth headphones as they should serve you better in general use.

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