Best smart glasses; a mix of black smart glasses on a yellow background
Virtual Reality Headsets

The best smart glasses in May 2023

The best smart glasses (aka the best AR glasses) offer a whole new way to interact with apps and the internet. You no longer have to look at a screen to view digital images: you get them beamed directly into your eyes; and overlaying digital images onto your view of the real world offers endless possibilities for fun, information, education and entertainment. 

Imagine, for instance, seeing map directions in real space, or experiencing what new furniture might look like in your actual home. Some models also let you take photos and videos of exactly what you’re seeing, come with speakers for listening to music, and have microphones for making calls. Some can be hooked up to a PC, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X for gaming too, and even the cheapest smart glasses can be used to watch movies.

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