4 best smartwatches with ECG support

4 best smartwatches with ECG support

Smartwatches have come a long way in terms of health and fitness tracking. From heart rate monitoring to elaborate sleep tracking, a smartwatch gives you access to a whole host of features right from your wrist. One such useful feature found on a few smartwatches is the ability to record an EKG or EKG. If you suffer from heart problems or want to take care of your health, a smartwatch with ECG support can help you along your fitness journey.

An ECG smartwatch can also be a great gift for your parents or loved ones to make sure they can keep track of their health. Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, we’ve made it easy for you to choose a smartwatch with ECG monitoring. Here is a list of some of the best ECG smartwatches you can buy.

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Note: None of the smartwatches mentioned in this list is a substitute for medical grade equipment. As such, the readings should not be taken as an absolute measure of health. It is also important to know that smartwatches cannot detect heart attacks. So if you’re not feeling well, rush to your nearest doctor for a diagnosis.

With that out of the way, here are some of the best EKG smartwatches currently available.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Compatible devices: android

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 was a huge improvement over its predecessors. While this is largely due to the new Wear OS 3 platform and a refined SoC, the brand has also introduced several useful health features that make it a worthy wearable.

The inclusion of useful health features like body composition and ECG makes the Galaxy Watch 4 a great smartwatch to buy if you’re on the Android side. Note that the ECG function does not work in all regions. You can, however, use a workaround to enable ECG on the Galaxy Watch 4 no matter what part of the world you are in.

Besides the health features, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic’s software is also worth a mention. You can install Wear OS apps, respond to notifications, and even answer calls right from your wrist. If you want a newer version, you can also consider the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. However, the reason we recommend the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is that it offers better value for money.

Note that you will need to recharge the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic every day or once every two days depending on your use.

2.Fitbit Sense 2

Compatible devices: Android and iOS

If you’re looking for a smartwatch with ECG that’s compatible with multiple platforms, the Fitbit Sense 2 is pretty much your only option. The Fitbit app is available on Android and iPhone. In general, Fitbit’s smartwatches are specifically aimed at users who are fitness inclined, so the Sense 2 should offer better insights into your health compared to the Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch.

Along with ECG, the watch supports sleep tracking, stress monitoring, and all other standard fitness tracking features. You also get multiple workout modes and the ability to measure your SpO2 levels as well. Although the app suite isn’t as widespread, you do get Google Maps, Google Wallet for payments, and Alexa built-in.

A big advantage of the Fitbit Sense 2 is that it lasts almost a week on a single charge. So you have one less device to charge and worry about on a daily basis. In addition to the list of benefits, customer reviews indicate that the ECG and other health parameters are accurate and reliable. In fact, some buyers even cite it as the most accurate heart rate monitoring watch out there, which is great.

3. Apple Watch Series 8

Compatible devices: iOS

The Apple Watch has long been considered one of the best smartwatches money can buy. Apple’s watchOS is incredibly sleek, thanks to superior optimization. As such, it offers what many consider to be the best smartwatch experience. And, the watch supports a myriad of health and safety features like ECG and fall detection which further sweeten the deal.

If you have an iPhone, the de facto smartwatch recommendation is the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t too much of an improvement over previous generations, so you can also get a Series 7 wearable. But, if you want the latest and greatest, then you’ll have to get the Series 8 trim. You can record an FDA-approved ECG and check for atrial fibrillation using the Apple Watch. Apple also makes it easy to send the ECG to your doctor by generating a PDF as soon as the scan is complete.

Several apps can be downloaded from the App Store for different features. You can respond to all your notifications and even compete with friends on the Activities app to get fit. A problem with the Apple Watch that I have personally encountered is that the measurements are often inaccurate. If you are driving, the Apple Watch counts the number of steps taken. That’s something to keep in mind after paying top dollar for a smartwatch.

If you’re looking for a fancier Apple Watch that’s also rugged and supports ECG, we suggest you take a look at the Apple Watch Ultra. You benefit from many additional features that can be useful to you. Just like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, you’ll need to charge your Apple Watch every day.

4. Google Pixel Watch

Compatible devices: android

Google launched the Pixel Watch in a bid to take dominance from Apple in the smartwatch industry. While the smoothness and smoothness aren’t there yet, the health features offered by the Pixel Watch are similar to Apple’s offerings, and even better in some ways.

Google acquired Fitbit a while ago, so the expertise and health and fitness show on the Pixel Watch. Several reviewers have spoken of the reliable measurement accuracy on the Pixel Watch. You also get a good set of features, including the ability to record an ECG. Metrics can be synced to the Fitbit app where you also get other insights based on your data.

The Pixel Watch runs Wear OS so you get a Play Store to download apps and watch faces. You can also load some watch faces, if you want. The UI is fast but not as smooth or optimized as watchOS. A big highlight of the Pixel Watch is its design. The watch received several accolades when it was launched for the 3D curved display which gives the watch an extremely premium look.

For what it’s worth, the Pixel Watch is quite steeply priced for what it offers. If you’re looking for a Wear OS smartwatch to pair with your Android phone, the previously mentioned Galaxy Watch 4 Classic seems like a much better deal. If you get a good deal during the Pixel Watch sales, we suggest you keep going.

FAQ for smartwatches with ECG support

1. Is ECG via smartwatch reliable?

Taking an ECG on your smartwatch is useful in situations where you may not be able to get to the hospital instantly. However, if you’re not feeling well, medical equipment will almost always be more accurate than a smartwatch.

2. Which versions of the Apple Watch can record an ECG?

All versions of Apple Watch after Apple Watch Series 4 can record an ECG.

3. Can I send a smartwatch ECG to my doctor?

Most smartwatches produce a PDF version of your ECG as soon as the recording is complete. You can forward it to health professionals for advice.

Prevention is better than cure

Having a device that can record an ECG whenever and wherever you want is an absolute godsend. Whether it’s for yourself or an elderly parent, a smartwatch with ECG support is a useful gadget that can save your life in an emergency. However, note that you should always see a doctor if you feel unwell and should not rely on a smartwatch for diagnosis.

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