Virtual Reality Headsets

Want to make your favorite games even more real? Invest in this VR equipment.

The 7 Best VR Gear in 2023 VR AccessoriesThe best VR equipment

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What to Consider

A VR headset depends on comfort, practicality, and stability. Since it could sit on your head for up to several hours at a time, its wise to consider the extra comfort a premium strap or face shield can yield. And if youre regularly playing for long sessions, perhaps another battery pack can extend the headsets life between charges.

And if youre a fan of a particular genre of game, you can boost realism with specific peripherals designed to mimic your in-game actions. These might include gun-style accessories or lightsaber props. (More on those below.)

Note that most of the accessories here are for the Meta (previously Oculus) Quest 2. Other retailers might offer similar items for other branded headsets, but be mindful that these might not be licensed or even recommended by the headset manufacturer.

How We Selected

We chose the best VR gear relying on a combination of direct experience from using certain headsets and first-hand reviews from respected outlets, including TechRadar, Gear Patrol, and PC Magazine. We considered several parameters that are paramount: headset stability and comfort, storage, portability, battery life, and safety. These werent uniform across all the accessoriesbattery life likely isnt going to be something you care about when selecting a carrying casebut we factored in our firsthand use where applicable.

For example, in one session of Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!, we had seven people taking turns using the VR headset, with the others playing on mobile, so battery longevity was crucial there. And in the case of safety, we noticed during several sessions of playing PlayStation VR how the PS Move controllers were more likely to get clammy during bouts of Beat Saber, so having foam-handed options helped with grip and comfort.

We also consulted Amazon and Walmart reviews to look for consensus and patterns, where you might be likely to encounter problems or benefits.

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